How many times have you forgotten to change the water filters only to be notified by a red light on your refrigerator. Caught completley off guard you have to stop what you're doing and cross reference the model # and Google the results so you can then shop for the best priced filter only to find out they charge shipping & handling and you have to start your search over again. You should have created a price grid to keep track of all the different options. By the time all this is completed you are 40 minutes into shopping and now you have to make a buying decision.

The problem is there is a cost associated with making a buying decision. It is not only a time cost, but an emotional cost as many of us have a sense of anxiety whilst making a purchase, often based in fear you fear that you're making another purchase. These little stress factors add up over time and contribute to your overall anxiety. Our experience shows that it is best to avoid these repeated stressors and put things on auto pilot that would otherwise cost you time, obstacles, and emotional stress.

That is why we created for clients like you that know it's more than exchanging time for money. It's about enjoying the experience along the way. Many would benefit from household management and most of the stress will melt away.